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Login Page in ASP.Net C# Using Stored Procedure

In this article we will learn how to create the login page using a Stored Procedure in ASP.Net C# web application. TRY CSharp.Live - 100s of Live Shows focused on learning and professional growth Why Join Become a member Login

How to create login form in using a stored procedure?

Side note: you should not use the sp_ prefix for your stored procedures. Microsoft has reserved that prefix for its own use (see Naming Stored Procedures) and you do run the risk of a name clash sometime in the future. It's also bad for your stored procedure performance.

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SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE PROCEDURE LOGIN -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here @is_Uesr_Valid bit output @username varchar(100) @password varchar(200) @return_Username varchar(200) AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; @return_Username = SELECT USERNAME FROM USERS WHERE [email protected] AND [email protected] IF(@return_Username!=null) BEGIN SET @is_Uesr_Valid= true END ELSE BEGIN SET @is_Uesr_Valid= false END return @is_Uesr_Valid END GO

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If you want to check through a stored procedure that whether the username and password used in the login process is correct or not then you may use an output parameter in the stored procedure. Declare an output parameter as follows: Declare @result as int out Suppose table name is tblInfo

Login Page Using Stored Procedure - C# Corner

In this blog we will know how to create a Login Page Using Stored Procedure. Stored Procedure . CREATE procedure login_pro ( @UserName varchar (50) @Password varchar (50)) as. declare @status int. if exists (select * from Login where [email protected]me and [email protected]) set @status=1. else set @status=0. select @status . Default.aspx

Using Stored Procedures with ASP.NET

First open Microsoft SQL Server -> Enterprise Manager then navigate to the database in which you want to create the stored procedure and select New Stored Procedure. See the below Stored Procedure Properties for what to enter then click OK. Now create an application named Store Procedure to use the above sprocs.

Implement Login and Registration forms in ASP.Net MVC

User Registration Stored Procedure The following stored procedure is used to insert the user details such as username password and email address. The stored procedure first checks whether the username supplied already exists if yes then it will return negative 1 (-1) value.

A simple ASP.NET login system using C# - TutorialsPanel

Stored Procedure To validate the user's login information the following stored procedure is used. It will checks whether the username and password being entered are correct. I will return the UserId if the user/password combination is right or '-1' if the authentication failed.

ASP.Net Login Control example with Database using C# and ...

Stored Procedure to Validate the User Credentials The following stored procedure is used to validate the user credentials this stored procedure first checks whether the username and password are correct else returns -1. If the username and password are correct but the user has not been activated then the code returned is -2.

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